Resaw Services

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Do you have some wood laying in the corner of your shop that would make a great guitar, but don't have a saw large enough to cut it into sets? I can help. I have a large 20" resaw that can handle pieces up to 13" wide. I equip my saw with a 1" carbide toothed blade that can handle even the most difficult of woods. I also have a widebelt sander for thicknessing your sets to your specifications. Please contact me for a price quote.

My hourly rate for resawing is $25/hour with a $200 minimum for all resaw services. My minimum gets you up to 40 slices cut and thickness sanded to your specifications.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and tax (when applicable). Please note that I cannot gaurantee the quality of the wood that will come from your material.


Customer Thoughts:

Thanks for the wonderful work as well as the timely manner in which it took to complete. As I stated before, many people have had trouble in re-sawing Ancient Kauri, in particular with curl so I am glad that I found a luthier like yourself to do this, perfect result!


I got the package in... boards look amazing, a lot better yield than expected!


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