The ultimate binding jig takes one of the more difficult tasks in lutherie and simplifies it. Unlike many other designs, this one does not require the guitar to be held in a large body cradle, there is no bulky swing arm to mount to your bench, and no bearings to change. It is compact and incredibly easy to use. Solid aluminum construction gives the jig incredible rigidity. Three control knobs allow easy and quick adjustments.


What's Included:


Solid Guide Accessory:

Extra Cutter Head:


The Ultimate Binding Jig

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Customer Thoughts:

I am selling off my other binding cutter jigs as your Ultimate Binding Jig is clearly superior in ease of use and adjust-ability. So I just wanted to thank you for your redesign of a similar style binding cutter jig. I've been using the other style of jig for many years and thought it was the best binding cutter available ... until I tried your Ultimate Binding Jig.

~Tim McKnight, McKnight Guitars

Being a custom guitar maker means that you don't reproduce the exact same instrument every time. The Ultimate Binding Jig gives you the freedom to be more creative in a very easy, accurate, and time efficient way. I'll never bind without it!

~Stephen Strahm, Strahm Guitars

The Ultimate Binding Jig has given more me more control and precision in the binding process, on both guitars and ukuleles. More precision means tighter tolerances and less work on the back end. I canÕt imagine not having it in my shop.

~ Eric Weigeshoff, Skytop Guitars

I like to use your binding jig because it is so flexible and accurate. I do not make my guitars with standard purfling widths. Each of my guitars is a custom build and purfling channel widths vary from one instrument to the next. With your binding jig I can stack the binding and the purfling together and use the combined width to precisely set the cutting depth. Its a quick and simple and precise operation and a real time saver in the shop.

~John Kinnaird, John Kinnaird Guitars


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